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Hi, I'm Ashley

Medical bills are too confusing

First I get my medical bill, I have no idea what it's for and when I call the Hospital
to ask questions they just forward me to another company that askes me to just pay.
Now I'm mad! I just called to ask what all this medical jargon means. Why didn't my insurance cover these expenses? Why do I still owe money? I didn't approve these charges.

I ignored it

My Radiology Bill got forwarded to Contental Credit Control. They called me but it was different this time. They ask me how I was doing first. Then they said, "How can we help you with this biill." They explained why I had a balance, even contacted my insurance company on my behalf. We had to pay the balance in the end because insurance didn''t cover everything but at least I knew why and I can make better choices next time I see the doctor. 

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