Our commitment to you is to provide you with any and all information you may need to resolve your account. We are not credit counselors and are federally prevented from providing credit advice. A great resource at your disposal is Know My Debt®. Here you can find answers to questions you have about your credit report and how it will affect you.

Insurance can be very complicated and, often, what we think is covered is not. Every situation is different so there is no simple answer to this question.

Unfortunately, having insurance or even pre-authorization from the insurance is not a guarantee of payment. Most medical providers are happy to bill insurance on behalf of the patient as a courtesy in lieu of requiring the patient to pay in advance and seek reimbursement from their insurance on their own. While many providers may have discount agreements with the insurance carriers, it is important to be aware that the agreement for insurance coverage is between the patient and the insurance carrier and does not involve the medical provider. Thus the ultimate responsibility for payment falls to the patient.

Generally, amounts collected at the time of service are an estimated patient responsibility because the exact amount is impossible to know until after the insurance has processed the claim. The insurance company determines the patient responsibility based on the individual policy terms and limitations. The medical provider is uninvolved in that process. Usually, the insurance will provide the patient with an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) that details the amount billed, covered, paid, and applied to patient responsibility. If you received an EOB from your insurance, it should explain how the patient responsibility was determined. If you have additional questions about the patient responsibility, or did not receive an EOB, we recommend contacting the insurance company.

Debt collectors are prohibited by law from disclosing information about your debt to a third party without your authorization. In order to protect your information from being disclosed to an unauthorized party, the debt collector must take reasonable steps to verify that you are the correct party before disclosing any information about your debt. The debt collector asks for personally identifiable information (PII) such as address, date of birth, partial social security number, etc. to confirm your identity.

Continental Credit Control’s goal in communicating with you is to facilitate a mutually satisfactory resolution. In most cases, the telephone is the most effective method of communication. However, if there is an inconvenient place or time for us to communicate with you, you may notify us directly and we will be happy to honor your request.

Keep in mind that open communication is the best way to resolve the issues and, if we are unable to communicate with you, we may be forced to make decisions about the account without your input.

If you have filed for bankruptcy and this debt was included, please provide us with the bankruptcy and/or attorney information so that we can update the account appropriately.

If you believe your debt is the result of identity theft, please notify us and we will be happy to investigate and notify you of the result of the investigation. We may require additional information from you to substantiate your claim and assist us in the investigation. You may obtain more information about identity theft online at

Your account or reference number can be found on the notice sent to you from Continental Credit Control. The number can also be found by accessing our portal at and entering your name, zip code and date of birth. If you need assistance or prefer to speak with a representative, we can be reached at (844)213-4284 Monday through Friday 8:00am-5:00pm Pacific time and would be happy to help.

If you do not recognize the debt, you may request verification in writing to Continental Credit Control, PO Box 30348, Santa Barbara, CA 93130. Please be sure to provide as much information as possible to assist us in identifying your account such as your name, account or reference number, address and telephone number.

Continental Credit Control is proud to offer a variety of options to make payment as easy as possible. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover as well as check, money order, ACH and cash. Payments can be made online through our easy to use online payment portal at or, if you have your account number and PIN, you can pay with our automated telephone Interactive Voice Response system 24 hours a day by calling (805)869-1998 However, if you need assistance or prefer to speak with a representative, we can be reached at (844)213-4284 Monday through Friday 8:00am-5:00pm Pacific time and would be happy to help.