Our Strengths

Continental Credit Control is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA and has been serving companies for over 25 years. We help individuals resolve their debt quickly. Here are a few options you can use while working with us.

What to Expect from Us

The paradigm of decreasing expenses while maximizing your current revenue can be achieved. Accounts receivable is revenue earned but not collected. When a consumer fails to pay or falls behind on payments, the ability to collect your money decreases dramatically as time passes. Successful debt collections begin as early as possible. Our objective and streamlined process results in faster and larger recovery of your receivables, reducing the number of days outstanding and the occurrence of your accounts becoming an expense.

Continental Credit Control's interactive Client Services Portal will allow our clients instant access by web to view update and communicate information as well as place accounts securely, review history, reports, inventory, and activity.

Continental Credit Control's payment platform supports online payments and scheduled immediate and future electronic transactions by credit/debit cards or a checking account. Our Consumer Payment Portal makes it easy for consumers to pay their account 24/7 by web or even by phone.

Continental Credit Control’s multi-lingual Recovery Specialists will approach each consumer with courtesy and respect allowing them to establish a rapport and determine the best means of debt resolution.

Our Recovery Specialists receive continual training in compliance, best-practice communication, effective listening and negotiation techniques as well as local, State and Federal collection regulations. All options available will be used to recover your money including litigation, when warranted, by our fully staffed legal department.

Utilizing innovative collection techniques, multiple skip-trace technologies and bureau analytics to prioritize and increase right party contacts, we expedite the collection process.

Beyond these services, we also offer Healthcare and Radiology Receivables.