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Medical bills are too confusing.

ashley story
  • Ashley's Story

    First I get my medical bill, I have no idea what it's for and when I call the Hospital to ask questions they just forward me to another company that askes me to just pay.

  • Now I'm mad! I just called to ask what all this medical jargon means. Why didn't my insurance cover these expenses? Why do I still owe money? I didn't approve these charges.

  • My Radiology Bill got forwarded to Contental Credit Control. They called me but it was different this time. They ask me how I was doing first. Then they said, "How can we help you with this biill." They explained why I had a balance, even contacted my insurance company on my behalf. We had to pay the balance in the end because insurance didn''t cover everything but at least I knew why and I can make better choices next time I see the doctor.

Client's Testimonials


awesome service

“ Thank you, CCC. You took away my frustration and helped me keep my bill off my credit.”

Ashley B.


Best Staff

“ Thanks so much for giving me time and options to fix my situation. It was nice to work with an agency that was human. ”

Rifat Jones


took away frustration

“ Thanks so much for the awesome customer service. So many companies, large and small, have a lot to learn from you. Great job! ”

Linda Alvarez


took away frustration

“ I didn't feel hustled by CCC. You guys worked with me to keep my credit clean. ”

Kyle Fulk


took away frustration

"All the best, great job over the years, I've had ZERO issues with your staff in 8 years, amazing!"

Dennis J Chaltraw

Client Management at Mckesson
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Continental Credit Control is proud to offer a variety of options to make payment as easy as possible. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover as well as check, money order, ACH and cash. Payments can be made online through our easy to use online payment portal at www.cccassist.com or, if you have your account number and PIN, you can pay with our automated telephone Interactive Voice Response system 24 hours a day by calling (805) 869-1998. However, if you need assistance or prefer to speak with a representative, we can be reached at (805) 899-4431 Monday through Friday 8:00am-5:00pm Pacific time and would be happy to help.

Your account or reference number can be found on the notice sent to you from Continental Credit Control. The number can also be found by accessing our portal at www.cccassist.com and entering your name, zip code and date of birth. If you need assistance or prefer to speak with a representative, we can be reached at (805) 899-4431 Monday through Friday 8:00am-5:00pm Pacific time and would be happy to help.

Debt collectors are prohibited by law from disclosing information about your debt to a third party without your authorization. In order to protect your information from being disclosed to an unauthorized party, the debt collector must take reasonable steps to verify that you are the correct party before disclosing any information about your debt. The debt collector asks for personally identifiable information (PII) such as address, date of birth, partial social security number, etc. to confirm your identity.

If you do not recognize the debt, you may request verification in writing to Continental Credit Control, PO Box 30348, Santa Barbara, CA 93130. Please be sure to provide as much information as possible to assist us in identifying your account such as your name, account or reference number, address and telephone number.